BC Lung Association Is In A Conflict Of Interest Situation

For years the province's preeminent charitable organization for all things respiratory, the BC Lung Association, has been receiving money from the provincial government to administer a flawed program to exchange wood stoves.

As we've stated elsewhere on this blog, EPA wood stoves are not the answer and emit massive amounts of particulate and other kinds of pollution that contradict the efforts of BC Lung and others to protect public health.

By putting their name and team behind the wood stove exchange program, BC Lung is jeopardizing the health of thousands of people. We strongly recommend that they discontinue their support of this program and speak out against all kinds of wood burning practices.

One can hardly support lung health research while at the same time willingly and obstinately ignoring a major exposure pathway to lung and heart disease. An earlier call for action provides more details. See here.

According to a Senior Air Quality Scientist with the BC Ministry of Environment, the province has contributed $1.6 Million to the exchange program since 2010. This money is transferred under agreement to BC Lung and they distribute it to communities and organizations to run woodstove exchange programs.

BC Lung takes a fee of 5% of transferred money for their role in supporting and administering the program. They have also received block transfer of money in the $10s of thousands for outreach material.

This is a sham and it makes little sense for a charitable organization like BC Lung to participate in any capacity let alone profit from it. As a result of this program, wood stove sellers and firewood sellers have profited significantly, all while people suffer and develop asthma, lung cancer, COPD and other diseases.

We recommend that people stop donating to BC Lung Association until they remove themselves from this role and until they speak out against wood smoke pollution.

Here is their contact information:

BC Lung Association
2675 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC, V6H 2K2
T     604.731.LUNG (5864)
TF   1.800.665.LUNG (5864)
F     604.731.5810
E     info@bc.lung.ca


  1. I wasn't aware they were encouraging wood stove use. Please please stop what causes a lot of us some physical pain and shortage of breath?


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