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Comparing Fuel Prices

Dave Neads found this article with this chart at the end. Dave's comments are below the picture. You can compare different fuels to see whether you're paying too much  for your particular situation. The important part of this paper is the chart at the end. It shows the relative cost for different fuels based on BTU delivered. Pay attention to the different assumptions, not every wood stove is equal, not every type of fuel is equal. The heat delivered by each scenario is relatively fixed, the ratios between each source don't change. Your scenario may or my not match one of these scenarios. When you compare electric kW to wood, paying 10 cents per kWh is the same as paying $290 a cord  (Pine and fir)  if you use a 70% efficient heater.  Rarely  does a heater put out 70%, most air tights are in the 50% or less range. In that case you should pay less per cord because you'll need more so the price of wood that is eq